VIAC Vested Benefits

VIAC Vested Benefits

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Account opening
Investment strategy
  • Investment funds choices
  • Competitive pricing
  • Death or disability coverage
  • Limited allocation for foreign funds
  • Currency exchange fees
  • No mobile app

Account opening

Opening an account is entirely online and can be done in less than 5 minutes. English, German, French, and Italian are supported.



Viac offers 3 types of investment strategies Global, Switzerland and Sustainable, with different cash and shares ratio. The cash part has a 0.10% interest rate. Viac has decided not to include bonds inside their strategies: “Bonds are not suitable for long-term investment in the current low interest rate environment.”


It is possible to create a customized strategy by selecting funds from a list of over 40 index funds and ETFs. The fund providers are Credit Suisse, UBS and iShares.

The following asset classes are available:

    • Cash
    • Equities
    • Bonds
    • Real estate
    • Commodities (Gold)
    • Private equity
    • Equity-only strategies can only be selected in the extra-mandatory segment.


The limits are:

    • Max 10% of private equity
    • Max 10% of commodities
    • Max 30% of real estate
    • Max 5% of Crypto
    • Max 60% of foreign currency (unhedged)


VIAC uses Credit Suisse funds that benefit from preferential tax treatment for pension funds, with zero or reduced local and foreign withholding tax.



VIAC offers ESG funds.



The yearly fee is 0% to 0.47%, depending on the amount invested in cash. A 100% stock strategy costs between 0.45% to 0.47%. Some specialized funds will add between 0.01% to 0.09% on top of the yearly fees.

The fee on cash is 0%.

As most funds offers are traded in foreign currency, there is currency exchange fees of around 0.20%


Trading day

Fund buy and sell are performed weekly on Tuesdays.


Others services

  • For every CHF 10’000 of assets invested in, VIAC provides a free base protection coverage of CHF 2’500 in the event of death or disability (70% – degree of disability).
  • For each recommendation, Finpension reduces the yearly fee.


Viac is available on the web.


About VIAC

VIAC has more than 1 billion under management, including 3a and vested benefits pillar 2, and more than 50’000 customers.

VIAC has a partnership with WIR bank, which manages the “Terzo Pension Foundation”. This foundation is based in Basel.

VIAC Vested Benefits
VIAC Vested Benefits
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